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BSD Medical -- Delivering Thermal Energy to Medicine
BSD Medical Corporation

BSD Medical Corporation

Specializing in Bio Systems Design

BSD Medical Corporation (the “Company”) develops, manufactures, markets and services medical systems that deliver precision-focused radio frequency (RF) or microwave energy into diseased sites of the body, heating them to specified temperatures as required by a variety of medical therapies. Our product line for cancer therapy has been created to offer hospitals and clinics a complete solution for thermal treatment of certain cancers as provided through microwave/RF systems.

Our product line includes a range of thermal systems for the treatment of certain cancers, including both hyperthermia and ablation treatment systems. Studies have shown that both hyperthermia and ablation treatment can kill cancer, but they have different clinical applications.

Our hyperthermia cancer treatment systems are used to treat cancer with heat (hyperthermia) while boosting the effectiveness of radiation through a number of biological mechanisms. Hyperthermia is usually used to increase the effectiveness of other therapies; e.g., radiation therapy and chemotherapy, for the treatment of locally advanced cancers. Hyperthermia usually refers to treatments delivered at temperatures of 40-49°C for one hour.

Our microwave ablation system is used to ablate soft tissue (diseased tissue) such as those in the liver, lungs, kidneys, bone etc. with heat alone. Thermal ablation usually refers to heat treatments delivered at temperatures above 55°C for short periods of time. Thermal ablation is used to destroy local tumors (diseased soft tissue) using a short intense focus of heat on a specific area.

Our cancer treatment systems have been used to treat thousands of patients throughout the world and have received many awards, including the Frost & Sullivan “Technology Innovation of the Year Award” for cancer therapy devices which was awarded for the development of the BSD-2000 Hyperthermia System.

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